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Complete Aikido – Aikido Kyohan: The Definitive Guide to the Way of Harmony by Roy Suenaka and Christopher Watson
Aikido Kyohan, or “Complete Aikido,” is both an autobiography and a technical manual of aikido principles. The first half describes Suenaka Sensei’s numerous adventures in his path to martial arts mastery. The second half of the book details some of the most basic and fundamental exercises and techniques of Aikido.

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Aikido Basic 15 Video
There are 15 basic aikido techniques that students of Suenaka-ha Aikido are taught early in their training as a way of introducing more advance techniques and concepts. In this DVD Suenaka Sensei demonstrates and explains the “Basic 15,” describing both correct and incorrect approaches to each. The Basic 15 DVD is not designed to instruct new students, but to reinforce aikido principles among Suenaka Sensei’s current students. 44 minutes.

Aikido Taiso Video
At the core of aikido techniques are the taisos, fundamental exercises that teach basic footwork, develop core principles, and lay the foundation for the serious study of aikido. In this DVD, Suenaka Sensei explains all of the taisos, their importance, and their self-defense applications. 25 minutes.

Aikido Winter Camp 2002
The Winter Camp 2000 DVD contains highlights from one of our annual Winter camps. In it, Suenaka demonstrates and explains a number of basic and advanced aikido techniques. 34 minutes.

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