Our Founder

Roy Y. Suenaka Sensei, is one of contemporary budo's most experienced practitioners and best-kept secrets. Suenaka Sensei was a direct student of Aikido’s founder Morihei Ueshiba O’Sensei and incorporates all of his teachings into his style of Aikido. As student of many other arts and masters, Suenaka Sensei imbues a wealth of knowledge and experience into his own teaching

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About Wadokai

Wadokai Aikido is the international martial arts organization founded by Sensei Roy Suenaka 1975 to reunite the martial and the spiritual elements of Aikido. The result is a martial art that is “street effective,” yet respectful of all living things, a martial art where equal emphasis is placed on physical and personal development.

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Find a dojo!

Use this page to find a dojo in your area, or to find a dojo while you are traveling.

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Welcome From Sensei Roy Suenaka, Kaiso

I would like to personally welcome you to Wadokai Aikido. The study of Aikido is an exciting one and can become a lifelong journey, not only in perfecting physical technique, but in applying the principles of Aikido in your daily lives. I wish you well in your studies and welcome you wholeheartedly into our Aikido Ohana, or family.

I share a common goal with my teachers, who were great masters. Although given titles of masters, grandmaster, or great masters, these truly great men all considered themselves to be merely students of the Universe, of the Way, or of the Divine Spirit. Their quests were to become great “students.” Searching for further understanding to become masters only of their own egos and becoming one with the Universe was foremost in their learning—thus, they truly became great masters in the eyes of others.

Studying under these great teachers has provided me with inspiration, much-needed wisdom, humility, insight, and guidance towards attaining these goals. Developing and achieving excellence in our character and always remembering that the essence of our individual ideal and philosophies, combined with the teachings of O’Sensei, are the keys to our study and will eventually lead us to the Path of achieving satori, or enlightenment. It is my sincere hope that you, as I, will find this quest rewarding.

With Love and Oneness,

Roy Y. Suenaka, Kaiso
Founder and President, Wadokai Aikido

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